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The Gurlitt Collection: Lists of the Artworks

After accepting the legacy of Cornelius Gurlitt, next steps are being taken after the Kunstmuseum Bern, the German Federal Government, and the Free State of Bavaria signed the agreement in Berlin on 24 November, 2014, and thus formally sealed it. As promised by the Kunstmuseum Bern, in the interests of transparency it is now making public the lists of the artworks that were discovered in Cornelius Gurlitt’s flat in the Schwabing district of Munich and his house in Salzburg.

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Exhibitions 21.11.2014 – 15.03.2015

Nakis Panayotidis. Seeing the Invisible

A leading representative of arte povera

The Greek arte povera artist Nakis Panayotidis was born in 1947 in Athens. He settled in Switzerland in 1974 after studying architecture in Turin (in 1966) and visual arts in Rome (enrolled 1967). Since then he lives and works both in Bern and in Greece—on Serifos Island of the Cyclades.

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Exhibitions 24.10.2014 – 26.04.2015

In the here and now! Swiss art of the last 30 years from the Kunst Heute Collection

The Exhibition offers a representative insight into contemporary Swiss artistic creation from the early 1980 through to the present, with its selection of artworks of the collection Kunst Heute Foundation, founded in 1982 and based in Bern. In cooperation with some of Bern’s patrons of the arts, the Foundation set itself the goal to put together an independent collection of recent Swiss art. Until a short while ago, the collection has been constantly expanded by the purchasing committee, comprised of young art mediators and artists. The works selected for the current show investigate what is characteristic for the reality of our lives today, for the contemporary world we call post-modern. 

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Exhibitions 24.10.2014 – 01.02.2015

Bethan Huws: Reading Duchamp, Research Notes 2007-2014

Artistic research

The project exhibition is devoted to the artistic research carried out by Bethan Huws since 1999 on Marcel Duchamp and that she, since 2007, incorporates in her own artworks and sketches. 

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Exhibitions 19.09.2014 – 08.02.2015

Color and I. Augusto Giacometti

A Swiss pioneer of abstraction

The comprehensive exhibition concentrates on Augusto Giacometti as a great master of color. In a radio lecture in 1933 he systematically described his thorough investigation of color phenomena. The title of his talk was “Die Farbe und ich” (“Color and I”) is both the motto and leitmotif of the exhibition. The show traces the very original path trod by this important Swiss artist, and in addition draws a comparison to individual works by other artists whose work centered on color: Paul Cézanne, Adolf Hölzel, Johannes Itten, Paul Klee, Josef Albers, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Richard Paul Lohse, Jerry Zeniuk or Raimer Jochims.

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Special events 30.11.2014 – 15.03.2015

Öffentlicher Rundgang Kunst Heute «Früher war alles besser!»

Die Ausstellung bietet einen repräsentativen Einblick in das zeitgenössische Schweizer Kunstschaffen von den frühen 1980er Jahren bis heute mit Werken aus der Sammlung der Stiftung Kunst Heute, die 1982 mit Sitz in Bern gegründet worden war. Mithilfe von einigen Berner Mäzenen hatte die Stiftung es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, eine eigenständige Sammlung junger Schweizer Kunst aufzubauen. Diese wurde bis vor kurzem von einer Ankaufskommission, bestehend aus jungen Kunstvermittlern und Künstlern, stetig ergänzt. Für die Ausstellung wurden Werke ausgewählt, die danach fragen, was unsere gegenwärtige, sogenannte postmodernen Lebenswirklichkeit auszeichnet.

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Ephemeral Phantoms and Magical Apparitions of Light

Nakis Panayotidis. Seeing the Invisible, 21.11.2014 - 15.03.2015

Nakis Panayotidis was born in 1947 in Athens. After having studied architecture and the fine arts in Turin and Rome, he settled in Switzerland in 1973. Ever since he has been living and working in both Bern and on the Greek island Serifos, one of the Cyclades. In 1994, the first large Nakis Panayotidis exhibition to take place in a museum was mounted at the Kunstmuseum Bern. Twenty years later, after many further international solo exhibitions of his work, the Kunstmuseum Bern is devoting a comprehensive retrospective to this multifaceted artist and leading representative of Arte Povera. 

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Focusing on Swiss Contemporary Art

In the Here and Now! Swiss Art of the Last 30 Years from the Kunst Heute Collection, 24.10.2014 – 26.04.2015

From 1982 through 2013, the Kunst Heute Foundation accrued a high-caliber collection of Swiss contemporary art. In 2003, the entire collection was handed over to the Kunstmuseum Bern as a gift, including further acquisitions made by the foundation until it discontinued its activities in 2013.  With a selection of some 30 artworks, by artists such as Thomas Hirschhorn, Pipilotti Rist, Fischli/Weiss, Roman Signer and Christian Marclay, we are mounting a representative overview of Swiss contemporary art from the early 1980s through to the present, while paying tribute to the Kunst Heute Foundation’s pioneering role.

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