Exhibitions 21.11.2014 – 15.03.2015

Nakis Panayotidis. Seeing the Invisible

A leading representative of arte povera

The Greek arte povera artist Nakis Panayotidis was born in 1947 in Athens. He settled in Switzerland in 1973 after studying architecture in Turin (in 1966) and visual arts in Rome (enrolled 1967). Since then he lives and works both in Bern and in Greece—on Serifos Island of the Cyclades.

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Exhibitions 24.10.2014 – 26.04.2015

In the here and now! Swiss art of the last 30 years from the Kunst Heute Collection

The Exhibition offers a representative insight into contemporary Swiss artistic creation from the early 1980 through to the present, with its selection of artworks of the collection Kunst Heute Foundation, founded in 1982 and based in Bern. In cooperation with some of Bern’s patrons of the arts, the Foundation set itself the goal to put together an independent collection of recent Swiss art. Until a short while ago, the collection has been constantly expanded by the purchasing committee, comprised of young art mediators and artists. The works selected for the current show investigate what is characteristic for the reality of our lives today, for the contemporary world we call post-modern. 

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Openings 05.03.2015 – 05.03.2015

Eröffnung Credit Suisse Förderpreis Videokunst 2015

Kunstmuseum Bern @ PROGR

André Mayrs «Vampyroteuthis» (2014, HD-Video, Farbe, Ton, 8:03 Min.) ist das Gewinnerwerk des Credit Suisse Förderpreis Videokunst 2015. Es handelt sich um einen eigenwilligen Experimentalfilm, der sich an den gleichnamigen philosophischen Essay von Vilém Flusser anlehnt. 

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Openings 12.03.2015 – 12.03.2015

Opening Max Gubler. A Life's Work

Fulminantes malerisches OEuvre der Moderne

A highly original Swiss painter, Max Gubler (1898 – 1973) produced an oeuvre that was strongly informed by a very expressive realism. While Gubler was seen as the “only genius in Swiss painting” until well into the 1960s, he was all but forgotten after being committed to the care of a psychiatric clinic. The works he painted in the last four years of his artistic career were locked away for a long time and are only now open to the public. The Kunstmuseum Bern is organizing the first real retrospective of Max Gubler’s work in response to a significant part of his artistic legacy becoming part of the museum’s collection in 2010.

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Workshops & courses 08.03.2015 – 08.03.2015

Griechische Mythen einst & heute Nakis Panayotidis. Das Unsichtbare sehen

Der griechische Arte Povera Künstler Nakis Panayotidis wurde 1947 in Athen geboren.  Nach dem Studium der Architektur in Turin (1966) und der bildenden Künste in Rom (ab 1967) liess er sich 1974 in der Schweiz nieder. Seitdem lebt und arbeitet er zwischen Bern und der griechischen Kykladeninsel Serifos.

Special events 20.03.2015 – 20.03.2015

Museumsnacht 2015 Max & so

Das Kunstmuseum Bern stellt die Museumsnacht 2015 unter das Motto «Max & So». Auf dem Programm steht alles, was es für ein rauschendes Fest braucht: Spiele und Geschichten, gutes Essen und bebende Musik. Neben der Sammlung werden auch die Ausstellungen «Max Gubler. Ein Lebenswerk» und «Im Hier und Jetzt!» (nur geführt) zugänglich sein.

Media Release Th 17.02.15

The Gurlitt Collection Gurlitt Legacy: Pending Certificate of Inheritance Proceedings Cause Delays

At its last meeting, the Board of Trustees of the Kunstmuseum Bern categorically resolved that it will establish a “Gurlitt” research body and defined its tasks and structure. However, this decision can only first be implemented when the pending application of Cornelius Gurlitt’s cousin for a certificate of inheritance has been probated in Munich. The Board of Trustees regrets this delay, in particular because it will impede the settlement of restitution cases that have already been clarified and endorsed by the Kunstmuseum Bern, but the circumstances are beyond its control.

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Media Release Fr 20.02.2015

Statement of the Kunstmuseum Bern, in agreement with the relevant German authorities, on the restitution of artworks from the Gurlitt Art Collection

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