Exhibitions 24.04.2015 – 06.09.2015

Stone of Light. Crystal Visions in Art

At latest since romanticism, crystal is a leading source of inspiration for artistic work—either its formal structure serves as a model for design in art or its symbolical value comes into play. Crystal rock is something rare; it is valuable and difficult to mine. Although a material thing of hard, cold stone, crystal radiates a light that is seemly not of this world. The exhibition «Stone of Light: Crystal Visions in Art» looks at how the different art epochs viewed crystal.

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Exhibitions 13.03.2015 – 02.08.2015

Max Gubler. A Life’s Work

A highly original Swiss painter, Max Gubler (1898 – 1973) produced an oeuvre that was strongly informed by a very expressive realism. While Gubler was seen as the «only genius in Swiss painting» until well into the 1960s, he was all but forgotten after being committed to the care of a psychiatric clinic. The works he painted in the last four years of his artistic career were locked away for a long time and are only now open to the public. The Kunstmuseum Bern is organizing the first real retrospective of Max Gubler’s work in response to a significant part of his artistic legacy becoming part of the museum’s collection in 2010.

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Exhibitions 01.01.2012 – 31.12.2015


Monet, Hodler, Picasso, Giacometti, Rothko, Dalí ...

The Museum of Fine Arts Bern is the oldest art museum in Switzerland with a permanent collection. 

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Crystal as Font of Inspiration

Stone of Light. Crystal Visions in Art, 24.04. - 06.09.15

With the exhibition Stone of Light: Crystal Visions in Art, the Kunstmuseum Bern is thematically focusing on how crystal and its specific, intrinsic qualities fascinate artists. Seen through the multi-faceted lens of crystal, we are taking a closer look at art from romanticism through to the present. We are showing paintings and drawings by artists such as Caspar David Friedrich, Bruno Taut, Lyonel Feininger, Paul Klee, and Meret Oppenheim; photographs by Alfred Ehrhardt; and installations by Josef Beuys, Marina Abramović, and Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger—artists who were all inspired by crystal as ideal form or symbol.

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Louis-René Moilliet At the Music-Hall, 1913

The composition of Louis Moilliet’s richly colored painting is highly sophisticated. Find out more about this artist, who was born in Bern, and very unjustly destined to be overshadowed by his friends Paul Klee and August Macke. He accompanied them on a trip to Tunisia in 1914.

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Gubler in His Entirety

Max Gubler. A Life’s Work, 13.03. - 02.08.2015

Right into the 1960s, Max Gubler (1898 – 1973) was seen as the “sole genius of Swiss painting.” In the 1950s, he was probably the most celebrated and most exhibited artist in Switzerland. Max Frisch and Friedrich Dürrenmatt were among his great admirers. But still we have never had the chance to review his oeuvre in its entirety because his late work was kept under lock and key until only recently. The exhibition Max Gubler: A Life’s Work now makes it possible to gain a comprehensive view of the artist’s brilliant painting oeuvre.

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The Gurlitt Art Collection: Inheritance Remains in Abeyance.

The Board of Trustees and the management of the Kunstmuseum Bern (KMB) have been informed that a branch of the Gurlitt family has decided to appeal the decision made in the first instance by the Probate Court in Munich ruling Cornelius Gurlitt’s will valid. Consequently, KMB still cannot take possession of the inheritance bequeathed to it by the testator.

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