Provenance research is concerned with the circumstances of ownership-transfer for individual artworks and the history of the collection. This includes all items in the museum’s collection, which were created before 1945, and which have joined the holdings of the Kunstmuseum Bern since 1933. The Cornelius Gurlitt Estate is a particular focus in the collection.

Through its exhibits, public events and educational programs, the Kunstmuseum Bern offers frequent insight into provenance research. The Provenance-Research Department continues to be financially supported by private foundations.

Provenance research on the Collection of the Kunstmuseum Bern

Currents projects

  • With support from the Federal Office of Culture, the provenance of a further 238 paintings from the collection of the Kunstmuseum Bern is being researched until the autumn of 2024. The research will include paintings from the 19th and early 20th century which have played their part in shaping the collection.

    Within the project, the museum documentation will be evaluated and documents in the museum archive and associated archives will be searched. The results will be published in fall 2024.

    Project manager: Dr Nikola Doll
    Researcher: Renato Moser, M.A. 
    Research assistant: Leïla Bolis

Completed Projects

With the support of


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