Organization & Team

Since 2015, the Kunstmuseum Bern Foundation under private law and the Zentrum Paul Klee have been strategically managed together under the umbrella foundation "Kunstmuseum Bern - Zentrum Paul Klee".



    • Director, Chair of the Executive Board: Dr. Nina Zimmer
    • Commercial Director, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board: Thomas Soraperra
    • Head of Facility Management, Member of the Executive Board: Bernhard Spycher
    • Chief Curator, Head of Department Collection, Exhibitions, Research Zentrum Paul Klee: Dr. Fabienne Eggelhöfer
    • Chief Curator, Head of Department Collection, Exhibitions, ResearchKunstmuseum Bern: Dr. Kathleen Bühler

    Assistant Director

    • Assistant Director: Pascale Keller
    • AssistantCommercial Director: Marie Isabel Meyer de Christo
    • Assistant Head of Facility Management: Stefanie Gander
    • Scientific Assistant: Anne-Christine Strobel

Artistic area

  • Collection, Exhibition

    • Chief Curator, Head of the Collection, Exhibitions, Research Department: Dr. Kathleen Bühler
    • Curatorial assistant: Nina Liechti
    • Research assistant: Livia Wermuth
    • Head of the Prints and Drawings Collection: Nadine Franci
    • Research Assistant Digital Collection Documentation: Debora Leuenberger
    • Assistant Digital Collection Documentation: Cédric Zubler
    • Registrar: Rebecca Birrer, Franziska Vasella
    • Management & CuratorHermann and Margrit Rupf Foundation: Susanne Friedli
    • Managing Director & CuratorAdolf Wölfli Foundation: Hilar Stadler
    • Director & Curator Paul Senn Archive: Markus Schürpf


    Contact for reproductions & image rights

    • Head of Exhibition Management: René Wochner
    • Museum technology: Mike Carol, Raphael Frey, Andreas Meschter, Martin Schnidrig, Roman Studer
    • Head of the Restoration & Conservation Department and restorer of paintings, sculptures and objects: Dr. Nathalie Bäschlin
    • Conservators of graphics, photography and written material: Philine Claussen, Dorothea Spitza, Chie Takai, Michel Ingoglia
    • Conservator, paintings, sculptures, objects: Katja Friese, Katharina Sautter, Matthias Läuchli
    • Conservator media and installations: Emilie Magnin
    • Art education foradults: Magdalena Schindler
    • Art education children & studio: Anina Büschlen
    • Art education: Debora Schär
    • Art education administration: Cornelia Mattich
    • Guided tours & workshops: Anna Bähler, Barbara Born, Regula Bühler Lösche, Simone Büsch-Küng, Belinda Göllner, Cornelia Klein, Liselotte Gollo, Mathias Kobel, Michael Krethlow, Stefanie Langenegger, Giuliana Merlo, Sibylle Schelling, Lucia Schmid, Beat Schüpbach, Franziska Vassella, Michaela Wendt, Etienne Wismer

    • Head of the Provenance Research Department: vacant
    • Research Assistant, Provenance Research: Carla Gehler
    • Research Assistant, Documentation: Katharina Otterbach
    • Student assistant: Leïla Bolis, Laura Hutter

Commercial area

    • Chief Digital Officer: Martin Stadelmann
    • Head of Communication & Marketing: Dr. Anne-Cécile Foulon
    • Assistant Communication & Marketing: Cédric Zubler

    Communication & Media Relations

    • Communications & Media Relations Specialist: Martina Witschi
    Contact Martina
    +41 31 328 09 93

    Marketing team

    • Marketing team leader: Mariann Krausz
    • Marketing specialists: Stefania Mazzamuto, Noëlle Gogniat
    Contact us at
    +41 31 259 01 45

    Digital Communication

    • Digital Communication Team Leader: Andriu Deflorin
    • Digital Communication Specialist: David Oester
    • Social Media Management: Katrina Weissenborn

    Visual design

    • Visual designers: Jeannine Moser, Anouk Pels
    • Head of Sponsoring & Fundraising: Birgit Achatz
    +41 31 328 09 10


    • Fundraising Future Kunstmuseum Bern: Isabelle Roos


    +41 31 328 09 80

    • Head of Events & Multimedia: Alexander Hermann
    • Team Leader Events: Nadja Imhof
    • Event management: Magali Cirasa
    • Event support: Isabel Dominguez, Nadine Nenniger

  • Visitor services

    • Head of Visitor Services: Monika Mühlethaler
    • Deputy Head of Visitor Services: Gina Ketterer
    • Visitor services staff: Niklaus Grädel, Tatiana Linder, Gioia Maria Nessi, Regula Niklaus, Céline Ribaut, Olivia Roth, Johana Steinmann, Mia Valentina Suter
    Contact us at


    • Store management: Magali Cirasa

    • Head of Human Resources: Ulla Imhasly
    • Human Resources specialists: Irina Belli, Amine Guri
    • HR Generalist: Melanie Flury

    • Head of Accounting & Controlling: Madlaina Caviezel
    • Finances: Christine Schütz

Facility Management

    • Head of Facility Management: Bernhard Spycher



    Facility Management

    • Head of the Facility Management team: Diego Schüpbach
    • Facility management staff: Jan Bukacek
    • Cleaning staff: Florije Cacaj, Caterina Costa Gabin, Tashi Tso Genchungtsang, Rajeswary Kulasingam, Thomas Moser, Anusha Sarvananthan-Chandran, Idajet Shala, Valarmathy Sritharan

    Security & Supervision

    • Security & Supervision Team Leader: Tiana Kriwanek
    • Security staff: Sarah Bachofner, Noah Felber, René Heer, Yannick Maciel
    • Basic supervision staff: Annabella Iannone, Idaim Isufi, Karin Lehni

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    The Kunstmuseum Bern sees itself as a versatile platform for a polyphonic and interdisciplinary examination of works of art from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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